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Emerging countries

Julia Nesis: the breath of antiquity in the contemporary world

Artist, graphic designer, and sculptor, Julia Nesis was born in Novorossiysk (Russia) in 1984, but today lives and works in the United Kingdom. She has studied in Moscow at the State University of Arts and Industry “SG Stroganov” (2004), then at the “Detali” School of Design (2010). Since 2016 she has been a member of the Moscow Union of Artists (MUA). She has participated in numerous group exhibitions and held meaningful solo exhibitions, including the one at the “Promgrafika” Gallery in Moscow (2015) and “Etika Pomyati” (The Ethics of Memory, 2018) at the theater of the Moscow School of Dramatic Art.

Laura Lodigiani: giving order to the difference

Laura Lodigiani, born in Milan, graduated in set design at the Brera Academy and lives and works in Florence. She has worked in theater for public bodies and private companies, with many exhibitions and awards, her works are all over the world in public and private collections, and journalism and writing are also part of her activities.

Leonard Turzhansky: thinking and feeling through color

Exponent of Russian impressionist painting, Leonard Viktorovich Turzhansky (1874, Yekaterininburg ⸺ 1945, Moscow) «can rightly be considered an heir to Levitan’s “landscape of mood”. In his works, he expresses profound emotions, albeit held back and never overflowing. A man of few words, Turzhansky is laconic even in figurative means, preferring spacious compositions with few objects. A painter by nature, Turzhansky thinks and feels through color” the art historian Natalya Stankevich writes about him.