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Julia Nesis: the breath of antiquity in the contemporary world

Julia Nesis

Artist, graphic designer, and sculptor, Julia Nesis was born in Novorossiysk (Russia) in 1984, but today lives and works in the United Kingdom. She has studied in Moscow at the State University of Arts and Industry “SG Stroganov” (2004), then at the “Detali” School of Design (2010). Since 2016 she has been a member of the Moscow Union of Artists (MUA). She has participated in numerous group exhibitions and held meaningful solo exhibitions, including the one at the “Promgrafika” Gallery in Moscow (2015) and “Etika Pomyati” (The Ethics of Memory, 2018) at the theater of the Moscow School of Dramatic Art.

Nesis loves to experiment with different techniques and materials, often combining organic and inorganic materials (hemp, jute, linen, plaster, rusty metal, wire, used coffee capsules). The objects she creates, in their unity of natural elements and artisanal work, create a sort of utopian harmony of the existence of human civilization in nature. In fact, the theme of the environmental crisis is central to her work in recent years: her artistic practice is directed towards the search for aesthetic forms for new ecological art and invites the public to reflect and dialogue in this sense. Her works interact with nature, and we can observe this process of interaction: due to the effect of the elements, over time, her works transform and deteriorate in the way the artist designed them. However, Julia Nesis is not just a site-specific artist, her works can be extrapolated from the place for which they were conceived, become precious museum or exhibition artifacts, and with their rough and primordial beauty, bring the breath of antiquity into the contemporary world.

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